Video Feed Generator

The Video Feed Generator finds video clips on a web site and generates the RSS video feed file needed to create a channel.


Videos in mywaves are organized as channels containing clips. A user can create different kinds of channels: The first 2 are controlled internally by mywaves. The video feed is controlled by the site generating the RSS feed, which is normally created dynamically on large video sites.

This project allows any site to generate a video feed. The find-vid utility searches a directory for video files and generates the XML file needed by mywaves.

SourceForge Sample

Since this SourceForge project has its own web site,, we can demonstrate the utility right here.

The script to generate the SourceForge feed is gen-mywaves-sf-net, which you can see by browsing the SVN depot: /video-feed/sample.

Normally a site would have videos in multiple directories, but to keep it simple, all the sample videos are under /videos. That directory also has the XML files with the RSS content. We increment the version every time we make a change and want to create a new channel. The current channel is:

To get mywaves to use this feed, you select:

It takes some time for mywaves to read in the clips.

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